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Reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) is a diagnostic tool for cutaneous conditions that allows clinicians to visualize cellular details of the skin without the need for an invasive procedure. It is a matter of pride for us that Nair is closely associated with NIDI SKIN which is a platform to educate upcoming confocal specialists both in and outside the United States. NIDIskin

Confocal Lab

What Makes Nair Different From Others

We are proud to say that our confocal consultant is one of the lead researchers and pioneers of new advanced RCM technology, Dr Babar Rao. Under his supervision, we can help dermatologists setup confocal microscopy in house and provide the means necessary to train staff for this state of the art technology to diagnose skin lesions. Dr Babar Rao is a board-certified physician in both Dermatology and Dermatopathology and is a leading authority on pigmented lesions.
His continued effort with non-invasive technology has allowed him to be a pioneer in Dermoscopy and Confocal Microscopy. Dr. Rao completed his Dermatology Residency at Weill Cornell Medical School and has previously trained at the University of London, UT Southwestern, New York University, and Rutgers University. He is currently Professor of Dermatology and Pathology at Rutgers University and Associate Clinical Professor at Weill Cornell Medical School.

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